Back from D.C.

Back from my trip to Washington D.C. area.  It’s been extremely busy and I find myself reading some stuff late at night.  Do just one SRS repetition, do one thing, do something every day.  I came back and found myself waking up last night after a exhausting monday and at 2:00 am got up and did a lesson from  I’m pissed that so many other things take so much of my time but I’m glad I woke up last night and did ‘something’.

United Airlines won’t get many positive feedback comments from me as I found almost every leg of my travel with them bad.  My two trips previously for business was with Delta who wasn’t bad.  Check-in, waiting forever for someone to come over and take my bag ….even though there were a lot of agents wondering around not appearing to be doing much of anything.  Delay’s , more bad service, luggage coming out the wrong gate…argh.  I long for a trip back to Korea.  Our last trip to korea was special as I’ve had a skypass visa card since 2003 and in 2009 we had finally enough miles to get an upgrade to travel in business class.

Wow it was fantastic over flying coach.  I wish I took some more pictures in the business class lounge in Korea’s airport but these are all I have to remember.

Business Class lounge
Business Class lounge

Looking out over Korean Air’s  airplanes from the lounge.

Business Class lounge - 2
Business Class lounge – 2

How I wish for a vacation and to be able to afford to go back to Korea to visit.  I miss korea and family there very much and the nightlife.  I’m a sucker for shopping areas and neon lights at night.

Seoul - 1
Seoul – 1

From our shopping trip late at night in Seoul which I previously posted some pics.

Seoul - 2
Seoul – 2

Last one for tonight.

Seoul - 3

I hope to return one day and do some more traveling like this…………


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