Snail’s Pace

I think about how long I’ve been posting on this blog which I try to do and record something at least once a month or so.  Wow I’ve been making progress like a snail moving ever so slowly.  Yes I’m a adult with full time responsibilities and full time pressure but it’s been more a journey how to learn alot of times than actually learning and have things sink in.

Set backs, a number of resets and unfortunately due to job situation periods of not studying.  arghhhh.  But I’m going to be fluent  in korean one way or another.  I reinstated my vocabulary deck in anki.  I have aprox 3000 vocab cards and it’s at least a few a day.  The sentence deck has long been suspended but with the layout of my korean notepad that I previously blogged about I use the anki grammar deck that I have along with it.  One of the worst areas for myself when I look back is moving so fast at times picking up sentence patterns in lessons from koreanclass101 and now that I rarely reviewed and forgot most things I studied.

I haven’t added any new vocab to anki in a long time but the grammar deck is now being heavily used along with the korean notebook.  Is 1000 sentence patterns too much?  Not sure but that’s the target I’ve put on that.  Instead of 10000 sentence method I’m currently on the 1000 sentence pattern method.  We’ll see how that pans out.  Along with that I’ve started up again more parallel text reading.  Between having most of koreanclass101 audio blogs along with iyagi series and now we can get english translations for most of the series I’ve started from the beginning of the audio blogs and going along that route.

I take my korean notebook with me to work and try to just eat lunch at my desk and spend time reviewing it during that period.  This is how my learning is occuring at the moment.   Haven’t found any good series to watch lately.  I seem to be really picky about what korean drama’s or movies I watch.  I’m waiting for 도둑들 to hopefully play at a theater in the USA somewhere.  It’s supposed to be a very good and popular movie in korea.

Finally with a post on how to learn a foreign language forum I saw a new web site called ‘’.  They take news stories and things like a korean weather report and break it down.  Very cool stuff and something I’ve been looking for a while.  Hope they can keep it going.  I’ve been very impressed with their early efforts.  Till next time…..


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