I tried on and off getting on Cyworld to connect with my neice in Korea the past few years.  I should have had them help me the last time in korea but no I wasn’t smart enough to do it then and the wife barely gets into things like facebook or texting or whatever it has to do with computers.  Well long story short the neice finally got on facebook a few months ago and sent me an invite.  Totally surprised but in a extremely pleasant way as I’m glad she got on facebook.  Sometimes korea policies on internet are a little more strict than someone living in the united states is used too and although cyworld seems to be loosening up a bit the last time I looked it was a major effort to figure out and join cyworld.

Well now I can see my neice’s short posts and get im’s from her in facebook and I CAN BARELY READ THEM!!!!  Argh short, real life korean and I’m struggling to understand : )  But great practice though but whenever I think I may be above beginner level I get kicked back to the ground.  Well great to see her on facebook.  Wonder who else in my korean family may finally make a switch over to facebook???

To my wonderful and always helpful neice if you’re reading this please keep sending me messages in facebook.  I love it!  Thank you!  and maybe you’ll give me permission one day to post a picture of you on this blog……till then here’s one of me in front of you know who……

King Sejong



2 thoughts on “Facebook

    1. Not sure where exactly we took this picture Hangukdrama. His palace or somewhere else? Not sure. I have to organize and take more and better pictures the next time I get back to Korea.

      넵ㅎㅎ…..this was a one line from a short 3 line text from my neice. Wife didn’t even understand what she was saying. My wife is not very good understanding through context…lol. After asking my neice she said it’s like slang that younger people tend to use which means ‘yes’ – 네.

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