New Position

I try to post at least one a month to record my learning activity.  Sept has been a complete wash.  Right near the end of August and into Sept.  a new job position was mentioned to me by a co-worker whose brother had told him about.  Too far a ride for  my co-worker but I gave my resume to his brother and boom…boom…boom….I start a new job in one more week.  It wasn’t that easy but it did move fast and seemed for sept I barely studied.  Arghhhhh….only if I could win the lottery and spend all my time studying korean.

So I have this week off before I start my new position and here I sit going over where I left off studying.  Well my previous position was near unbearable so looking forward getting back into half a decent IT shop.  Now to get back to some korean!

I see that finally ‘The Thieves’ which is getting such great reviews and great box office in korea is coming to the USA.

The Thieves
The Thieves

I’ll be taking the wife to see in a couple of weeks.  I hope it’s good and we’re not disappointed like when we saw ‘Sector 7’.




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