MLBS – move your body lis­ten and speak

From Keith’s blog earlier this year I watched a video he posted from another person fluent in Japanese. is the site and neither gentleman seem to post much anymore but Japanesemasters post on Shadowing and MLBS really made a impact on me.  MLBS stands for ‘move your body lis­ten and speak’ and his simple explanation seemed to sink in.  I’ve reading the posts on ‘How to learn a foreign language’ forum on shadowing but I never gave much thought to it.  After reading Japanesemasters post on shadowing and mlbs I decided to give it a try.  From the author’s web site on what shadowing and mlbs are….

‘The brain is designed in a way that mem­ory is eas­i­est acquired by using all of our 5 senses(touch, sight, smell, hear­ing, taste) at the same time. It is said that each of our senses has it’s own sep­a­rate mem­ory, so the more senses we use while we learn some­thing the eas­ier it is to input and remem­ber information.’

Hard to get setup is the first issue but it’s been a trial and error process.  I have a treadmill and try to setup using that and doing this on that.  Also I try to get off my butt when learning korean as that part of seeming to know a answer when sitting contently in front of the computer but can’t think of simple korean things I should know when moving around is frustrating.  It’s a very interesting concept and your encouraged to read the link to see what you think of it.  For me I’m trying to integrate it into my language learning.  I wish the website author posted more as his Japanese seems to be at a very high level.

On another note I think I would make a very harsh movie critic.  The wife and I got to see ‘The Thieves’ this past weekend.  I really wanted to like it.  Seemed to have all the elements a guy wants in a movie to see on the weekend….but I came away thinking it was ok….but not a movie I wanted to watch again.  Why?  I’m not sure as I’m not trying to kiss any person’s rear end I just found it to be a drab movie.  Every body’s take it different…I just found the acting to be non-engaging, story lines at times boring, no good music really to go with anything and the one female actress who ends up with the prize position near the end that everybody wants to be annoying.  Just my take….I know alot of people liked it.

But it sure wasnt’ in the same league as ‘아저씨’.  I’ve watched that movie a number of times and found it very engrossing.


What can I say?  I’m still waiting for the next korean movie blockbuster to come along……………




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