November 1st

Well I’m into week 4 of the new IT job I’m in.  Being out of the hell hole of an IT shop I’ve been in for the good part of this year is awesome!  Things are slow due to I don’t know much about the new company and how they do things but it will come.  Back on track studying korean ….it’s going well.  My itouch battery doesn’t want to hold much of a charge anymore so I’ve been holding off on that since I have a system of using anki for grammar pattern studying and don’t want to mess it up.

I see Anki 2.0 is out but I will have nothing to do with it!  Not that I don’t like it but the version I have on my itouch is fine and don’t want to mess anything up.  My sentence pattern deck is too valuable to me to dare take a chance of messing up a good thing.

Hangukdrama posted a nice piece on MBC korean tv station having a youtube channel showing MBC classic drama’s.  Very nice as I still have not gotten another monthly bill from places like directv, dish, dramafever through a roku so I am mostly still watching korean programming mostly on my computer.

Since I’ve hooked up with the wife we’ve been able to go to korea 3 times spread 3 years apart.  It’s time to go back but that won’t be happening as mortgage and other bills pile up.  Should have just stayed in a apartment and we’d probably have a ton of money saved by now.  Looking through my pathetic picture collection of our trips to korea really make me want to go back and try to do a better job.  From our one trip in 2006 I must have barely ever carried a camera with us…arghhh.  Ok thinking about it I’m usually nervous because going to all these new places the last thing on my mind is taking out the camera but I really want to do a better job next time I go and hopefully can talk the language too.  When will be the next time is another question.

Bag Holder

This is all too common in my picture collection from korea.  Wherever we went I’m carrying something heavy in my backpack!!!  I did find some pictures the wife has in the one cabinet.  I put this one picture into my old scanner because it’s so easy for this little pic to get lost.  Nice black and white of the wife and my korean brother….when they were kids.

Wife and Brother

PS…to my lovely neice who occasionally looks at this blog….show your father the picture of him and his sister!  I think he’ll like it very much.


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