Dec 2012

Well it’s middle of Dec and I’ve got nothing to post on progress other than I continue my studies.  Things are going as I’ve posted before and working on sentence patterns seems to be working out well for me at the moment.  But it’s almost the end of the year and I have to then think about what I did this past year in learning korean and post my reflections of what went well and what didn’t in a few weeks.  I can certainly tell my progress didn’t even come close to where I would have wanted but that’s for the next post.

What am I doing this fine Monday night though.  Although I watched like one episode that was about it but here I’m on episode 12 after a weekend marathon of watching ‘You’re Beautiful’ korean drama.  It’s been around for awhile and I didn’t get into it.  I mean a nun in training pretending to be a guy in a boy band in korea and not once does she look like a guy…..well I saw selling the comic books of this series which I’m interested in buying so I thought I’d give the series another try.  That’s great they’re selling more products and those type of k-drama comic books is something I’ve been really wanting to try out.

and while watching this series I’ve come to realize something I never knew about myself….I guess I’m attracted to guys….


고미남 is one hot korean boy band member I must say! (and for those that haven’t watched the series 고미남 is the one on the right………)


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