Post Christmas Day

Well it’s the day after christmas here in the middle of the United States and I’m getting ready to reflect on the year.  I’ll probably just post whiny, jumbled, messy ramblings but I want to try and record my thoughts for 2012 as I had high expections for the year and well it didnt seem to reach even a fraction of what I wanted to achieve.  This weekend I will probably have 4 days off with new year’s eve and new year’s day off it looks like so I’m going to try and post alot during that time.

I finished ‘You’re Beautiful’ korean series.  Wow it really bogged down after episode 12 in my opionion.  I read the wikipedia article on it’re_Beautiful_(TV_series)

after I was done and saw that the series had mediocre ratings which I have to agree with although I really like the one main male actor who was also in  ‘Baby and me’ which was one of my favoriate korean movies.  I could see how teenage girls may love this series but how long could they keep dragging out this one boy/girl having the 3 main male boy band singers all dying to be with her.  Boring….lol.  I almost stopped watching but made it through.

Guess I’m just a male and want another korean drama like ‘Giant’ to watch.  One of the things I’ve noticed is that for next year I’m going to have to just start watching korean drama’s even if it’s not totally to my liking.  I practically gave up watching my korean movie collection due to being bored having watched them so many times.  Need some fresh content to keep interested.  I’m going through the pages at and looking to try out some new dramas I haven’t watched before.  I want vampire prosecutor season 3 to start soon!!!!


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