Junior dos Santos

Got a half hour or so before the weigh-in’s tonight for tomorrow’s big UFC heavyweight fight between Junior dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez.  Junior is the champ at the moment but I was just watching this interview with Junior by Ariel Helwani of mmafighting.com and Ariel brought up near the end the same thing I was thinking.

How in the world have you learned english so fast.  Just 2 years ago he had to conduct interviews with translators and basically now he does all interviews (that I’ve seen) by himself.  His english learning progress has been unbelievable!!!  It’s taken him less than 7 years of training in MMA to become champ and the pace he’s learning english during this is amazing!



His opponent for the night is Cain Velasquez who is american but of mexican decent.  His parents came over to the USA and from what I can understand of the pre-fight interviews they now live back in mexico while Cain has always lived in the USA but Cain is bi-lingual.  He’s speak’s spanish and english perfectly.  Amazing once again when you see or meet someone like that who grew up speaking two languages.

Cain_Velasquez 029

Cain was the champ before Junior beat him over a year ago and now they rematch.  What a match-up!  I’m rooting whether he wins or loses for Junior dos Santos.  His progression in all he does from MMA to learning english has been outright phenomenal and I consider since he didn’t really start learning english till a few years ago to be just an amazing source of inspiration.

I wonder if we can get Junior to write a book on his language learning methods!!!!


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