2012 년 – Part 1

Ok here we go.  2013 is here and it’s time to look at my site and what I did for the past year in regards to learning korean.  First thing need to look at my site here.  I looked at some of the wordpress theme’s and just decided I’ll keep the one I’ve got for now.  I’ve added a bunch of cropped headers pics though with random setting on it so it displays different ones each time.  Also fixed a couple of links so nothing major but some minor housekeeping.

Never got around to really bothering to learn wordpress too much but I want to focus more on learning korean and try and record my progress than actual presentation of this site at the moment.  I try and record some progress on this site at least once a month and so far have been able to keep it up.

In looking for pics for my headers it just motivates me the next time I go to korea to actually take pictures.  I have so few pics from our first two trips to korea but below is my standing behind the ramada hotel on jeju island where we spent our honeymoon.

jeju island
jeju island

Well now it’s time to work on my next post……..

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