Topik Application – Done

Well just a quick update.  Topik application was sent in today which is the deadline.  Phew.  I’m a little nervous now.  I’ve taken a look at a few previous tests and looked very hard at just the topik application itself.   The wife ended up filling it out and telling me what I had to do.  Jeezz….I even had to get two photos to attach to the application.

That was funny as in the United States we don’t use the metric system much and the application specifically said for a picture of 3cm by 4cm.  I went into Walgreen’s this weekend and asked if they could do that and the women behind the counter said she had never had anyone ask for a photo 3cm by 4cm or is it 4cm by 3cm….I already forget.  I asked her what a passport photo size was and she said 2 x 2.  Yes she only said 2 x 2.  I wasn’t thinking well in the morning so it took me a few minutes of sitting in the car waiting for the wife to answer the phone to realize she meant 2 inches x 2 inches and we don’t use the metric system much in the united states.

A quick call by the wife and she found out they would take the passport size photo.  Alot of work just to get that application done and getting photo’s.  Oh how I hope I don’t blow this first topik examination!!!!!

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