Topik – This Weekend

I didn’t really plan things well or should I say think them thru too well for this April. But it’s in the 4th month of this year and haven’t gotten things going that the wife and I talked about for 2013 so it was like ok let’s start this month!!! We need to dump this under water house of ours (so much for the american dream) but we are one of those families so much written about in the press of housing value being totally upside down from the point we bought it. We can’t afford it as we originally planned to stay just 5 years….the credit is wrecked…with all my might to control debt I find that with all our expenses and such it’s too much anymore along with being in a new job that i can’t Stand!!!! I need to find somewhere else to work and to top off the last two weeks I’ve been sicker than a dog(probably all the stress is weaking my immune system)…but here I am facing this weekend.

I refuse to give up on learning korean and even though I will not do as good as I originally had hoped for ( I found out there were still alot of verb endings even for level 1/2 Im not comfortable with) ….I look forward to this weekend. One way or another I’m going to speak korean one day!!!!


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