So I’ve been on a roll lately watching dramas I actually like.  First there was Ghost which was about two friends one a hacker and ex-police cadet and one police officer who heads a cyber investigation team …..and one gets killed and the other through the science of plastic surgery and movie magic becomes a clone of the one that got killed.  Very cool and watchable as I plowed through the episodes watching.


돈의 화신 / Incarnation of Money was up next and using I was able to watch the series almost real time after it aired in Korea.  This drama I had to wait till Sunday’s here and the episodes were posted after airing during the week in korea so alot of late sunday night viewing of this drama occured.  This drama’s english name is something I had to look up.  It’s funny sometimes reading korean tv/movie english titles and as a native english speaker I have trouble figuring out what it means.  For incarnation of money it took some google’ing to figure it out.

incarnation of money
incarnation of money

The one korean drama I just finished watching this past weekend was ‘Rooftop Prince/옥탑방 왕세자’.  A tale of of a Joseon crown prince time traveling 300 years into the future to try and solve who killed his crown princess.  I watched the first episode awhile back and I guess it didn’t stick then but for whatever reason I tried this series again with episode two and was addicated right away.

Rooftop prince
Rooftop prince

They had a great episode in the beginning when the time travelers come to modern day Seoul the woman who they first meet makes them omurice.  Never heard of that dish before but watching it in this drama I want to try it.


Basically a omelette with good stuff in it and rice of some type with Ketchup on top looks awesome.  I asked the wife if she knew what it was and she said yes but I’ve never seen her make it or mention before this drama.   During the drama they would always ask the woman to  make them omurice so this looks like something I may spend time this weekend on trying to make.

Well now it’s time to try and find another drama I can watch.  I wish some of these last drama’s I watched had more episodes.  I need a good High Kick through the Roof drama that was really good to watch and had like over a 120 episodes.  That lasted a long time watching that series.

2 thoughts on “Omurice

  1. i loveee omurice!! Tried in in Korea but somehow I prefer the Japanese version a lot more >< The rice inside the omurice in Korea (at least the ones I tried) was more oily :/

    If you are looking for a long and decent drama, try You're the best Lee Soon Shin! It's really good so far and it's currently airing in Korea (50 ep). Another decently long one is the 2011 drama Can you Hear my Heart (30 ep).

    1. If I ever get back to korea I will try omurice at different places Hangukdrama! Tried making it this past weekend (myself) and the rice didn’t turn out to well but it was good anyways. Will wait for wife next time to help with the rice part. Thanks for the drama recommendations…I will check them out and see if they’re on or which is the only way now that I can find to watch Korean dramas.

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