Windows 8

I’ve spent the last week or so reimaging my main computer and bringing a Hyper-V server into play (and then getting both computer’s to talk together correctly).  I finally took the plunge and redid my computer with Windows 8.  Now this is a desktop…..I’m in the IT field and knew about Windows 8 but it does have Hyper-V client built in and had idea’s of getting a bigger test lab going.  I also read where I can change the whole interface to Korean as opposed to Windows 7 where I needed the ultimate or enterprise edition or basically a edition I didn’t have where I couldn’t change everything to Korean.

Well it took maybe all of 30 minutes before I installed  to get rid of the metro UI interface and put a start button back into bottom left corner of your screen.  The metro UI interface is not really built for desktops.  I find it too hard to multi-task and a number of other issues….but what does this  mean for this blog.  Barely any studying and I have to reinstall ANKI and get back into swing of things.  It’s amazing how out of Korean studying I can become when computer things either go wrong or I do on purpose (well that’s for a ton of other things – paying bills, reading news….whatever I’m a computer needing type of human).

Well I’m a Windows 8 user now with some helpful add-on’s to make it more usable and when Windows 8.1 comes out and officially support having a start button and I assume giving you a choice to turn on the metro ui or turn it off otherwise I’m done touching my main computer and need to get back to studying Korean.

Now I just need to find some cool Korean desktop wallpaper.  They come out with windows 8 and give you no new Korean themepacks to install but rather the same one from windows 7.  Maybe I can force myself not to worry about that right now and study!


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