Topik 30 – 불합격

Wow it’s funny…..I saw on Hangukdrama site that topik results were out and then had to check immediately.  I thought they told me to check topik website like second week of june but thanks to the Korean language learning community I found out it was posted today.  Congrats to the ever inspirational Hangukdrama for passing level 6.  What a journey I have yet to go to get to her level!

I failed ever so close to get even level 1 passed.  My biggest weakness turns out to be 쓰기!!!  I got a 31.  I did alot better in listening than writing and my reading was decent…………but I guess this is what I get for never have looked at a topik test before ( for which I now know there is some good sites for Topik) and thinking I knew enough korean to at least pass level one of the topik exam.

The conditions in the room taking the test with all those little brats made my stress levels hit record highs as I described in my post on taking the exam and feeling ready to faint didn’t help either.  Not understanding a number of directions for what I was supposed to do in certain sections didn’t help matters further and yet I would have still passed level 1 if it wasn’t for the writing part…..arghhhhhh.  Well as this blog is about my journey these are the results and I knew I would have not done good enough to pass level 2 anyways so I would have to sit down with all these 9 and 10 year old kids who didn’t want to be there at least one more time this year anyways.

I’m glad I decided to say f it and start taking the topik and now my motiviation even with all the other chaotic things going on in my life is very high to pass the topik in the fall!   Going to make sure I tell the teacher I want to sit in the back row next time!!!!


One thought on “Topik 30 – 불합격

  1. yeah, try again in fall! 😀 At least you now know what to expect in the paper next time! ^^ 쓰기 is usually the hardest component for most people, reading more will help you get used to the sentences and help you develop a writing style. Hopefully there will be less kids in the next exam!

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