101st Post

Wow I logged in and noticed this is  my 101st post.  Hmmm don’t seem like I’ve made the progress for the amount of time I’ve been studying but where I was going to post a mid-year review….I decided to skip it for now.  2013 is turning out to be one of those years where things never stop going wrong.  For the wife and myself it’s one of the times.

Still looking for a new job, get out of our upside down house, blah blah blah….then a few days ago the wife’s one older brother had a heart attack after another medical procedure was done.  That’s at least how I’m understanding it.  The wife is very upset and it’s hard to keep asking questions.

I actually looked at plane tickets from korean air.  I can’t believe the prices have jumped so much!  One round trip is 2100 dollars.  Unreal!  How will we ever get back to south korea at the rate of ever increasing gas prices is scary!  I was talking since the last time she was in korea in 2010 she’s had the misfortune of losing 2 family members and now her one older brother is in critical condition.  I said maybe she should go over for a couple of weeks to be with her family.  That seems to be out of the question now with those airline ticket prices.

We’re praying for you older brother.  You’re sister is very upset and I wish she could be with you now.



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