Sat. August 3 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil the Korean Zombie takes on Jose Aldo the current Featherweight belt holder (that’s 145 lb’s at least weight wise in the USA).  Phew that’s huge!  Korea has some other guys in the UFC but this is the first time with one of them fighting for the belt.  Aldo is sometimes compared to former middleweight belt holder Anderson Silva also from Brazil.  Recently Anderson in a very over confident showing of his skills was knocked out and replaced by Chris Weidman.


Can this fantastic Korean mma superstar in the making do the same thing and shock the world by beating a super talented and seemingly unbeatable Aldo?  We’ll find out very soon and I will be rooting for him.  MMA is growing in popularity in Korea and my nephew says Jung Chan-Sung (Korean zombie) is huge in South Korea….at least with the younger male crowd.  Plus he’s got such a cool nickname.

When will the UFC hold their first event in South Korea?  A win by the Korean Zombie or at least a great performance by him will surely help to make that happen I’m sure.  Go Korean Zombie!

On another note – It’s the middle of the week and I shouldn’t be sitting at my computer late watching TV but every week I can’t wait for the next two episodes of ‘무정 도시’ or ‘Heartless City’ as it’s called in the states. seems to be on this one and has the two episodes every week sooner than the Korean videos stores here.

I set up the wife with my laptop from work and she’s watching them now on that as there is only two episodes left and the video stores  only have the first few episodes available.

Heartless City
Heartless City

She is now addicted to watching it (and a very needed diversion with her family issues she’s experiencing recently) after it took awhile for her to believe me that this is a great drama and every week it gets better!  Now she can’t stop watching it either.  I can’t say too much about the drama other than in the first episode it appears it’s about a cop going to try and bring down a rising drug dealer but almost every week there’s an unseen twist.  Phew this is without doubt the drama of the year and for me on the same level of korea’s ‘Giant’ drama which was the last great drama I watched.

The only con for this drama???  There’s only 20 episodes of it.  Next week I’ll see if I can hold off watching the final two episodes till at least Friday and get me some soju(ok probably beer) and pizza and make a night out of watching the finale.

Wonder if the wife can catch up in time to watch next Friday with me………..

2 thoughts on “MMA

    1. Absolutely Hangukdrama. Everybody’s different but for me it’s the best drama since ‘Giant’. The wife was asking me for episode 4 after finishing episode 3 last night as I’m going to bed and I’m like can’t it wait till tomorrow(I had to setup her laptop with episode 4 in the morning before I left so she could start watching). I really like how it keeps developing stuff you don’t see coming! I had goose pimples at the end of episode 17. Wow! Can’t wait for the last two episodes next week to see how they end this drama. That should be really interesting.

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