Micro Living

The house the wife and I live in is big compared to korean standards.  We have a couple of floors and when we first bought I thought it was something great and a good start to the american dream of housing ownership.  It’s coming up to the 10 year mark and all I can think of is a very old movie called ‘The Money Pit’ with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long.

This is been a total disaster and disappointing as we continue working on getting out of this ‘money pit’ and it’s not even worth close to what we bought it for!  Yes bigger is not always better as you pay more for heat, air conditioning, and you name it!

Once we get out of this mess I can only dream of another house or apartment that’s affordable and we like.

Looking at the issues that both South Korea and Japan face with space shortage the concept of tiny houses/apartments has never looked better to me.  Searching the net you can find alot on the concept of smaller living spaces and when designed right it’s looking more and more appealing.

Check out my dream space somewhere in seoul.  Remind’s a bit of the house in the movie ‘That fool’ where the main character in seoul had his parent’s house in seoul.  Yeah I know those places are probably million dollar equivalent to huge mansions here but thinking of smaller and livable places is looking better and better.

Tiny home in Korea
Tiny home in Korea

Now I must go and purchase the lotto ticket for the next drawing here to pay for this micro house in seoul ………….

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