Master’s Sun – 주군의 태양

I let this drama slide watching it for awhile and then got back into it.  Hmmmm…..It was just a enjoyable drama to watch….till the last few episodes.  Ughhh I almost stopped watching the last few episodes but made it through it.  They stopped with different stories on ghosts and such and had lead female now not interested in rich and handsome guy and then the guy running after her and then finally last episode she changes her mind and they’re together.

I love a great ‘love’ story or arch in the drama but for me this one didn’t work very well at all. Now to find the next drama to watch.  I hope my blog next year shows improvement.  I still am looking for a new position and this past weekend the wife and I started getting a storage place ready to move our stuff to.

The wife’s older brother that had heart attack continues to be in a coma and they are looking to move him to a medical home.  How I wish we could afford to send the wife to korea for a while during this trying time.  She would help out so much and wants to but with our financial problems and such 2013 continues to be a test for us.

I’m disappointed that I’m not able to take the fall TOPIK exam.  I need to really focus on that when I can.  I don’t want to sit through 3 hours with 8 year olds more than one more time and want to pass level 1 and 2 so I can start sitting with older and more interested students of the korean language.

Well that’s it for now.  A number of jumbled items from October and I wanted to get at least one post in this month.  It’s almost November already……..2014 is coming up fast.


2 thoughts on “Master’s Sun – 주군의 태양

  1. I’ve also given up on Master’s Sun halfway through. I know a lot of people who raved about it but somehow it has never managed to get to me. I’m watching Heirs now and I’m super addicted. Well, there’s something always nice about witty banter, bad ass characters and somehow I always like dramas about the rich and wealthy in Korea lol (: Might want to give that a try!

    Reply 1994 is pretty good too, in a very different way.

    Hope you will find a new position soon and that 2014 will be much better for you! I’m having my own issues too – 2013 is like a big question mark in my life D:

    As for TOPIK, one alternative is to study hard until you are around a level 3 standard and just take that paper (:

    1. Yeah I wouldn’t rave about Master’s Sun but it’s nice when I can find a korean drama that’s ‘watchable’ and it was for me till the end. Hmmm….I see both drama’s you mentioned on so I’ll check out Heirs this weekend.

      You hang in there this year Shanna. Your blogging helps keep me going and proves that not all korean learners that start a blog and then burn out afterwards!! Your achievements for us korean language learners is tremendous!!!

      Boy to think I actually thought without ‘any’ prep work for Topik test this spring I could easily pass and then work on level 3 next…..arghhhhhh. Very funny!

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