New Korean Dramas

Ok based off a recommendation I’m going to start to check out the Korean Drama – Heirs.


As much as it’s been crazy this year I don’t feel I’m watching enough korean tv/movies which is something that’s easy to do ‘if you like it’.  So we’ll see how this drama about elite high school students as they are groomed to take over their familie’s  empires is.

I see also a new drama on called ‘Golden Rainbow – 황금 무지개.  It say’s it’s about seven orphans who discover they’re not alone.  Not really enough to peek my interest but in looking at the actor’s page it has Kim Sang Joong in it.  One of my all time favorite character actors in korean movies and drama’s.


He’s done movies, comedies and drama’s and he was the evil character in my very first korean drama that I watched in 2004 all the way through.  It was a drama the wife got at the time from a korean video store here and I watched the entire drama without any subtitles.  I was so absorbed I believe I understood most of what was going on.

There was another drama or two that I watched before this one but I don’t think I made it all the way through them.  This one got me addicted to a watching a great korean drama.


It’s english name was ‘New Human Market’ or ‘Mr. Justice’ but in korean it was called ‘인간시장’.  They seemed to be detectives after the bad guys and Kim Sang Joong turned out to be one cool bad guy!  The drama had of course two actors from one of the best movies ever made – Memories of Murder which was great and some other actors I since have seen in other drama’s.

I’m horrible with names – even english names and can’t really remember names of any korean actor….I’m great with faces though and recognize most if I’ve watched something I liked they were in before.  The wife I think just doesn’t choose to remember any actor’s name or for that matter movie or drama’s series name.

But when I say the first name 기하 she knows one actor.  That was Kim Sang Joong character’s first name in this drama.  I don’t even remember what the character’s last name was.

But saying 기하 in english is super simple for korean names and it also helps that was my korean father’s first name!


Miss you 아버지!  I wish we could come to korea to help out with the family during this trying time!  But your memory of setting the bar at such a high level for what a family can be and how everyone treat each other is one that will never be forgotten and why I will forever refer to actor Kim Sang Joong as your first name and the wife know’s instantly who I’m refering to. She doesn’t even remember Kim Sang Joong by anything other than her father’s first name too. Very nice little story I thought I would share.


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