Slip Sliding Away

Well it’s getting close to the end of 2013.  What a year of unaccomplishment (is that word correct) on my part.  I feel after the Topik 1 exam earlier this year I started sliding downhill and fast.  The financial aspects of the wife and myself I’m trying to turn around,  we are packing but I’ll feel better when we finally get our stuff out of this money pit some may refer to as a house, and come the new year’s I have to start spending some serious time looking for a new position.

My korean study has been suffering greatly and I’m looking to get that on track.  I wasn’t able to prepare for Topik in the fall but I’d like to shoot for spring of 2014 again.  The folks over at have barely continued the lessons for 2013.   I love that group and considering how many people they have over there I’m super surprised they barely published any lessons(actual grammar lessons) and are still on level 9.  Very disappointing as this site has been a backbone for learning korean.

There was one super korean drama this year I couldn’t stop watching ‘Heartless City’ which was fantastic!  But the second half of the year it’s been dry (a few that I watched but dry overall).  Sometimes I think it’s just me but having a partner who is korean and hasn’t found anything recently she likes it’s just been that kind of year from a fan of korean drama’s and movies.

I even thought watching the korean drama ‘Pretty Man’ would be great as I’m a fan of the male lead Jang Geun Suk.

Pretty Man
Pretty Man

I could barely make it past 20 minutes and was hoping the wife would continue watching and tell me it gets better after first episode.  She quit watching after just 10 minutes…

One thing I’m trying to do for 2014 is find some other avenues to watch korean tv. and are about it for me.  No good korean channel though our ISP provider and I can’t afford a satellite dish to get Directv which has all the korean channels now.  I want easier access to korean content than some of the ways years past hunting for content to watch.  One goal for 2014 already written down………..


2 thoughts on “Slip Sliding Away

  1. haha i barely made it past 10 mins of that show too x.x Which is sad since I really like JGS too! Mm I’m currently addicted to You who Came from the Stars! ^^ It’s a really good one (:

  2. Just stumbled upon your site! 😀 Hopefully you’ll be able to get back on track with your language learning~ I am going to try my luck this spring for TOPIK 2014 (…it reminded me again that I have 7 days left to study ><; Anyway good luck! By the way, I recommend "3 Days" for a drama. I am not into action dramas but that one is just too awesome~

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