Phew – How times fly

2014 is the year of change for us as my wife and I keep saying.  I’m still trying to learn Korean but wow is everything up in the air this year.  Next month we’ll be moving, getting out of this money pit, new job, uggghhhhhhh  I need a vacation……lol

Internet wise it looks like I’ll be staying with Comcast but Korean tv is something I’m asking wife to ask  friends how they watch Korean tv.  Looks like Directv took over anything dish tv had and I really don’t want to pay for base package at directv and then pay for Korean package.

We’ll see if we can find anything internet based that we can subscribe too.  Although dramafever and viki have been life savers I want actual Korean tv that I can just leave running all the time – ajatt style.

We’ll see what some of the wife’s watch but for now it’s – Grandpas Over Flowers .  Something that I’m finding very enjoyable to watch.

Grandpa over flowers
Grandpa over flowers



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