Dramafever – Drama

Well it’s really cool  having a big smart tv now and I’m a computer guy so you know I’m going to get some great low cost Korean programming  right?  argghhhhhh wrong!  Viki has Samsung smart tv app but overall not many things I want to watch.  Dramafever I figured was the solution and paid for a year.

Ughhhh….I have both a roku device and dramafever has Samsung smart tv app. The Samsung  app is like .28 and freezes up and stop/play functions almost guaranteed won’t work right.

That’s ok since I have a roku 2 device and that will take care of things…..Not yet.  It’s happened a lot and really turns off the wife but we get loading video at 33% a lot!  Whether it kicks back in or just sits there forever is the question.  Just last night the wife is watching Korean drama ‘Ghost’ for first time and loving it – other than the freezes.  Just on episode 17 after I did what dramafever support told me to try of removing  app and re-adding it I thought maybe things would go well.  We finish episode 16 and wife wants immediately wants to watch next episode……bam

Loading at 33% and stays like that for 15 minutes and I go to bed.  She said she put up with 5 more freezes but was up to 1:00am because she likes ‘Ghost’ so much.

Dramafever support!  Please fix your delivery …..please!




ps – anybody know any other legit ways to get Korean tv through internet?  I don’t want to pay for directv!







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