Make it Stick

Wow it’s been half a year into 2015 and I’ve barely studied, barely focus and at time’s barely seem to have kept a job this year.  Physical hits this year have paid a toll but that desire to learn a second language doesn’t fade.  I barely watch american tv(ok not at all unless trutv’s world’s most stupid things counts), haven’t seen a american movie in years with the wife and yet yearn for that skillset of knowing korean.

This site needs to be updated so bad!  I wish I had used some of my time off from work to redo this site but hey at times I felt more pressure about keeping or finding another job than learning korean.  My bad.  Time is a commodity that continues to be spent whether I achieve my goal’s or not so I’m trying a reset….maybe restart…not sure what to call it.

I’m looking at youtube alot looking up video’s on memory,  learning and see even more very good videos on how to learn a language than I remember ever seeing before.

Two video’s today made so much sense.

1) Speaking Japanese Fluently in 6 Months: 6 Steps to Success

Look that one up on youtube but it talked about filler words which made so much sense in your conversational ability.  I barely know any in korean but the wife uses all the time.

2) Make it stick – you will see some video’s and even presentation by author of this book about learning in general which is so much of the simplest truth.  Having gone through study method’s during high school and college that were so ineffective I’m sitting here trying to find out more about it.

Need to get this train rolling again.


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