Recognition vs Recollection

I worked at home today and it was busy most of the day but not with much work for the ‘company’ I am employed at but rather my continued effort to learn how to learn.

The concept from Marty Lobdell’s youtube video ‘Study Less Study Smart’ talked about a concept I suffer from especially since I have had way too many restarts trying to learn Korean.

It was on Recognition vs Recollection.

It was fascinating listening him talk about this subject where are you experiencing recognition or rather recollection.  We are good as humans to be very ‘familiar’ with people’s faces for example but can I recall this person’s name.

A wikipedia article get’s into it much more heavily but Prof. Lobdell I think was trying to say when going over material you are trying to learn are you more on the ‘recognizing it’ side of the house or can you actually recall the material especially if you are outside the material you are learning.

I have many times gone over a lesson both in one session or I have revisited a lesson many times in the past and have the phenomenal ability to ‘remember’ it but when I am put into a situation that I could use some of that korean language knowledge I totally forget it, can’t remember all of it, and/or don’t remember exactly how to say something.

I think the above situation happens alot more to me not due to shyness or fear of failure which of course has happened but rather in my ignorance thinking I know something but am rather just recognizing material I have gone over with multiple times in the course of korean language study.






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