Train to Busan

Saw this zombie file in chicago last weekend – Train to Busan.  Even though I’m a male and would like nothing better than a horror film this one wasn’t up to a movie that is needed in the US in October with Halloween right around the corner.  Just didn’t seem to click for me but it is so nice having korean movies available to watch in the chicago area at Amc Theaters in Niles IL.

Working on my twitters accounts.  Does anybody else have too many email , twitter, facebook accounts?  I like to seperate things but sometimes you forget what you use what for and that is a problem with a couple of twitter accounts that I had but was using them in reverse of what I intended them for.  Fixed today.

Kakao Talk is pretty cool app that we connect with family members in Korea.  Video and phone calls over the internet alone make it super useful and the need to get international phone minutes a thing of the past.  It does have that distinct sound when you receive a message or something on your phone and when I hear it in a drama or out and about you know that person has Kakao Talk installed.



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