Apple TV – Korean Subtitles

I’ve been a Roku guy since I first bought a device to hook up my TV to the internet.  Yeah it seemed like the device to use as opposed to samsung built in apps that I have on my TV and is already considered a Smart TV.

But another blog mention I read awhile back talked about having some korean drama’s WITH korean subtitles!  Wow I thought.  Watching korean drama’s with the subtitles in korean already.  Fantastic.  Sign me up.

But….Roku nor Chromecast could display non-romanized character sets for their subtitles.  I even sent support request trying to find out but answer was nope.  Support from apple though said their unit could.

Well they were right when I went out and bought the Apple TV unit.  It supposedly had to be the 4th generation model but from what I read it made no sense to buy a unit with the biggest hard drive size and I went with buying a return model so I ended up paying 125 dollars with tax for it.

It does display the korean subtitles no problem but not all the content over at viki have their drama’s with korean subtitles.  A good number though….so worth the effort.  From your pc you can go to the web site and do a search of korean drama’s with korean subtitles to get a listing that you can choose from.

From looking not all drama’s that are listed as having korean subtitles are 100% complete but how nice it is to have that on alot of drama’s.  Master’s Sun drama has some and is a drama I liked alot.  How great watching with korean subtitles.


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