Fluent in 3 months website had some information on and I started to investigate it some the other week.  The site which hooks you up with potential ‘professional’ or ‘community’ teachers and difference is in one’s teaching credentials and cost.

The link is that I used  and is by Benny Lewis himself.  I like Benny’s approach to tackling a language alot but must say I have not in fact done any of these principles as much as I should.  Being a self study korean language learner I’m not going to say that I have always done the most effective routes and without accountability of one’s lessons it’s hard to gauge where reality and thought of where you are on the ladder is sometimes.

Taking a few trial lessons with some teachers shows me on the production side of the house(coming up with korean responses back to questions) I am severely lacking.  I’m hoping I can find a teacher/tutor or a couple maybe that can help me on the road to korean language fluency.

Skype is a great tool and the quality is great overall which is what most teachers on italki use and at first I thought with my laptop with a camera which is setup most times to use wireless that maybe the connection speed wouldn’t be good enough but it turns out it was just fine.  The rest of the website is pretty good in terms of scheduling and hooking up with a teacher.  Payment is something that needs some work as they appear to charge ‘fees’ for the way you put money into italki and that may add up if you use italki for a longer period of time which is what I hope to do in my case.

Doing a quick comparison of a few other sites that provide similar services it would appear italki is the leader of the pack and since I’m a computer guy by profession the website was put together pretty well up to this point in my opinion.



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