I think as I regroup in study method’s I have given up on Anki use at least creating my own cards because for myself I think if I look back I would spend way to much time on the creation of cards and then it became a pain to then go over them.

I’m not saying Anki is a bad tool I’m saying for myself and the point I’m in at this time it actually becomes a way to spend alot of time creating cards and then thinking you spent an hour studying when in reality I didn’t study that much after all.

So having looked at Memrise on and off within the last year and now see they have a bunch of premade decks out there from alot of korean language resources that I have used or are familiar with.

I found one for ‘Every TTMIK Lesson (Levels 1-9)’ on memrise which is pretty good.  Some audio mistakes and missing audio here and there but overall it’s not too bad.

Since memrise uses the same concepts as Anki I have switched over to Memrise and it at least in my case is making me focus more on what is on the card as opposed to creating the card.

I see they have other decks out there from many of the language learning books I have on hand and will have to check them out.


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