Site – Updated

Well at least it looks different.  Spent a couple of hours or so uploading some new photos and playing with different free themes.  Some of the free themes from wordpress didn’t allow some customization that needed to be done but I finally just picked the one you see now and adjusted the links to some of the ones I use today.

It’s funny how many blogs or websites I followed 5 years ago that have long stopped operating or updating.  Blog sites of korean language learners come and go but I kept my hero – at the top of my link section.

Shanna from that site did what many of us aspire to and that is succeed in her language learning adventures so all the more kudo’s to an amazing language learner such as herself!

Some interesting youtube channels are out there with korean language learners and newer websites like are helping pull people together together using the internet to help people learn new languages.

I continue my subscription to dramafever going so that is in my link section and since switching over to my apple tv box from roku….. if it’s available at least… I can display korean subtitles which some drama’s from

Memrise is included in my links as I’ve gotten into a couple of courses from there and study with it everyday now.

Fluent in 3 months and Key to Korean provide alot of good information on korean language learning and language learning in general.  Some other links I have like Keith from Seoulistic is an original teacher from and Korean from Zero has some nice textbooks that you can download free and/or send donations for them. One teacher I have from Australia who uses a mother tongue approach uses this textbook and it’s a good one for beginners I think.

My site had a link for that website abandoned many years ago and it always bothered me I still had a link to it so glad to see that one finally gone. finally has introduced a level 10 on their site and hopefully they continue publishing regular lessons for different grammar points.  Kyeong-eun who I talked with one time on skype has for sure one of the best korean voices to listen to so it’s nice to see this amazing site continue onward.

Long overdue but for this Thanksgiving weekend I have finally updated my language learning blog.  Now back to the kitchen to look for turkey leftovers.


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