Skype Video – Recording

I’ve been for over a month using skype alot to communicate with korean teachers or language group’s.

One teacher gave me a recommendation to use – to record the audio piece.  It’s free and looking at the software it’s updated alot.  That’a good thing.  I have had it installed for a week or two but right away I noticed it would be nice to have the video too.  It worked just fine don’t get me wrong and if you want the audio section of something like a skype session it did the job just fine.  I set my default folder to a more obvious location and to auto-record but when a white board or visuals are involved too having the video piece would be nice.

I tried a few ‘free’ ones and one from looked the most promising.  Got it all setup and did not do a ‘test’ before the first session last week in trying it.  It just error’d out when the call was established and wouldn’t even run.  Looking at their support section of the site I see some other’s having the same problem and ultimately the support person told the person to open a ticket with them.

Googling around for other’s didn’t throw awhole lot of choices out there.  Some but not alot like I thought.  I just ended up spending three hours or so going over the one’s I found and testing them and ended up with skype video recorder.  It’s last been updated in Nov of 2016, say’s it’s supported from XP to windows 10 and even though it records only 5 minutes in the trial phase it did just fine.  So I bought the standard license through paypal for 19 bucks.  Playing with some settings and having the wife do video calls to me it did just what I wanted.  All setup for the coming week.  We’ll see how big the video call files get after an hour or so but in testing it seemed to be a good piece of software.


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