100% Korean Lessons

One of the things I have done in the last few months of my reorganization of Korean Language Learning is taking a lesson through italki with a teacher that only teaches through Korean.  Right now I usually take the class at the end of the week and it’s wild.  One hour of nothing said to you but Korean.

It’s one on one so no sleeping allowed and I must say it’s an hour that goes by in like a minute.  Talk about being tuned in and having your undivided attention.  Going over material, listening to lessons, whatever route you may be talking about goes out the window when confronted with the unknown and constant stream of the language your learning coming at you in this manner.

I was watching this video from Asian Boss on youtube of korean’s who have spent years learning english but really having trouble learning how to speak and listen to it.


It was so interesting watching this short clip to see how things like being taught how to get higher scores on a english proficiency test is more important than actually learning how to speak or listen in general to the other language in question.

The english person in this clip that talks to these korean’s is from england and as a native english speaker can tell immediately he he comes from.  I wonder if that is taken into consideration when teaching english if it’s a english speaking person from the US, or from english or australia because pronouncation is different but I’m not sure if that causes enough problems or not.

The last time I put myself into a 100% korean situation was when I took the Topik exam. The person giving the test talks to everyone in Korean and it really shook me up as I could barely understand all the korean being thrown at me while knowing I had to take this test I had tried to prepare for very hard.

Now it’s a known variable that I am currently doing and along with my other study choices feel it will help out tremendously down the road putting a 100% korean only session of this type into the mix on a regular basis.  Even going over the replay of the lesson is stressful as I find myself trying to understand all the stuff said to me that I couldn’t pick up.  We’ll see how this goes once I’ve done it for another few months.


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