2018 – Korean Trip Planning stages

We are planning to go to Korean sometime probably mid-summer in 2018.  Slowly I’ve been getting some up front things planned out.  Got the Korean Air skypass credit card and try to pay everything that we would have to with that to get miles.  With the miles we have and planned miles that we will accumulate we ‘hopefully’ should be able to get business class upgrade.

Business class which is the way we went on our last trip to Korea (together with the wife) was great.  Economy for that many hours is challanging and it seems like a tall person like myself attracts that short person who sits in front of you and needs to try and push the seat back as far as it goes.

Started up a savings account and put in some money for the 1st month of 2017 into it.  Now if I can keep up putting money into every month we should be ok by the time we go. Korean lessons I’ve kinda of settled in with a couple of teachers and just got through with tonights 100% korean lesson.  So I think I have the korean language learning journey back to full gear at the moment or at least it’s going a much greater pace than ever before.

It’s a rather pleasant way to end the week with a lesson that is 100% korean(some english words are thrown around) as it kinds of beats into me how much more I have to go through but as long as I can continue making the lesson payments it’s worth it as it’s a wakeup call how lazy one self studying can be at times.

The olympic’s will be in the winter of 2018 but the wife already said she would prefer going over there in spring or summer time.

Looking forward to our next visit to Korea!



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