Chest cold

I seemed to have caught a chest cold twice this year already.  I missed some workouts but I didn’t miss any Skype Korean lessons.  It’s effected my throat and hard to talk at times but the Korean learning must go on.  Not quite the strong start to 2017 I was planning but this cold or whatever it is seems to be lingering around.

Almost done watching ‘Goblin’ on  I liked it a lot in the beginning stages but it’s dragging out the last few episodes.  But in either case this is my first Korean drama of 2017 that I watched.


My Korean teacher that is based out of Australia uses website.  I don’t see SRS type functionality there and seems more like straight flash cards ….at least the part I use it there for.  Getting used to that site.

Finally I like my apple tv a bit more than the roku device I was using.  Dramafever is the main app I use on that since I pay for the yearly subscription. has some Korean subtitles on some of it’s content but as I poked around it’s not consistent so a bit of a disappointment.  Would be nice if a drama service provider had content with all of it’s subtitles available in Korean instead of here and there.  But even though my apple tv unit can display Korean subtitles with no problem where the roku device couldn’t I still like it.


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