FluentU – Stay away

So I’ve seen this site FluentU.com around for awhile.  They provide video’s and other content at what is supposed to be a level you can learn from.  Korean wa available…… So I’m a sucker for good web sites that may help me in my korean language learning journey so I pulled trigger tonight to check it out.

They have a 15 day free trial but I knew something was wrong when I had to enter a credit card to get in that far.  I used my paypal account and within 10 minutes I was trying to figure out how to cancel my subscription, submit a ticket to these guys and send a email back to their email to me giving me a .pdf file that they charged me 30 dollars already that this was only for the trial and believe me after the 10 minutes I knew this was a complete waste of money and time!

There were a total 14 videos for korean language learners.  They show levels from newbie to native level with at least 5 more levels in between these. So yes 14 videos total with most of them at newbie to beginner level.  No videos at all for the higher levels or should I say no videos for most of the levels.

Concept is cool but this implementation from them is horrible.  Just going through 뽀로로 video in newbie section they tried to cut up the video’s into sections you could learn from.  The only problem is the video cuts didn’t match up with the word.  For example the word for bag – 가방 they cut after the ka sound.  Not helpful if your trying to learn the word for bag.

Then for the sounds of sentences they had computer automated voice translate those sentences.  Come on your charging 30 dollars a month for the premium plan and video editing and voice automation is all you could provide and might I say a very poor job of it.

What can I say.  Stay away from these guys at least if your learning korean.  I’m trying to get my 30 dollars back but I won’t let this ruin my love of 뽀로로!



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