Talk to me in Korean – Hacked

Saw the other day site was down and basically just showing ‘OK’ in the top left corner and now I go there today and first saw a site which appeared to be mostly in Chinese and now it looks like below


What in the world are people hacking this great site?  Jeeezzz pain in the butt they are getting so much attention from negative elements.  Hope they figure out how to fix this soon.

Still waiting for my refund from  I mentioned in my last post how immediately they put a charge on my credit card even though there is a 15 day trial ….supposedly….. and now I wait days to see a refund.

Just got done with my 1st skype korean language lesson of the week.  My brain hurts right now but it’s good being so accountable to someone as I proceed on this path again. Now onto seeing if I can find another korean drama to watch.  What does have that might interest me for my next drama?

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