italki – progress

Well I seem to be in a routine with a couple of teachers at italki and I have one main one that I study with twice a week.  Italki is a great platform for hooking up students with either professional level teachers or community level tutors.

I would like the time and of course money to try others because it’s a great resource when your a busy working professional and how I wish I would have started sooner.  I’ve hit the 75th lesson today and I found my primary teacher I’m using around the October time frame of last year.

The classes are adding up but I’m really glad to have the teaching and also the accountability that sometimes at least for me as mainly a self studying student never really had or at least didn’t put on myself.  I can’t hide and pretend I know something as you can do alot when your studying by yourself so I’m glad I’ve gotten into the italki community and finding some teachers who I think are goddesses (both my teachers are women) with patience so bless them because it would be funny if I were teaching english to others that wanted to learn whether I myself would have that ability to teach english and see the frustation of something learning a language you are a native level speaker in and have that understanding and patience a really good language teacher should have.

I was trying to explain to my wife who wanted to send a message to my sister yesterday for her birthday (aren’t we lazy here in the US and use facebook and other ways to wish someone a happy birthday) so I was asked how to spell my sister’s name.

Hmmm…..well I said I guess it’s what you call her.  My sister’s name is Debra but I would call her Deb or Debby (but then again you could spell it Debbie) and that’s kind of short for Debra which is how my father addresses her and the long formal way is Deborah which is her birth name.  Wow I thought to myself for one american name this sounds really confusing trying to explain to someone just asking me how to spell a female name like that and they’re all related and different people call her different instances of the Debra name.  Jeezzz english is really confusing at times.


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