Friday Nights

So been scheduling alot of my friday nights to be a class with a teacher through that does the class all in Korean.  I still don’t even feel like I have the motions like I should preparing for friday night but I still continue with this scheduling.  It’s a fitting way to end the week with a hour that flies by like a snap of your fingers.  Your on during that time but I must say also tiring as it takes alot of mental energy.

The teacher is very nice and believes the methodology of teaching you a language through the same language your learning is the most effective route.  I don’t know if it is but I have put it into my scheduling and I find it at the very least a wakeup call of just how well your korean language learning is going.

The teachers starts out with say around 15 minutes of conversion asking you things and of course you answering back or trying to answer back in korean.  Then based off some training materials, one of which is ‘Active Korean’ text book series which I happened to have the first edition of the series in my korean language learning library,  she goes through the material and exercises all in korean.  Then alittle summary of sorts along with things you should do to prepare for next time for the last few minutes.  I usually only know we are near the end if I peek at the clock.  Most of the classes I would be so wired it was only when she was saying things like good bye in korean and starting to wave I knew the class was over.  That was very funny because I couldn’t stop telling the wife how fast that hour went.

Now that I’ve done this a few times so to speak I’m little more relaxed on friday night but it still is such an interesting experience of at least an hour totally in the korean language. That is how I usually spend my friday nights now.  No going out, taking the wife to a nice restaurant or stuff.  A brief totally immersive hour in the korean language.  It’s great!



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