Viki – Learning Mode

So I keep an eye out on the korean forum over at reddit.  Pick up some interesting things there once in awhile now.  Saw them talking about viki web site having a learning mode now.  I’ve tried viki website before because some video’s have korean subtitles but not as much as I would like.  I’ve started back up on a drama I’ve watched before ‘Master’s Sun’.  It’s a pretty good drama about a girl that can see ghosts and gets involved with a rich guy running a department store.

The korean subtitles so far well into episode 5 have all been there.  If viki keeps this up and getting korean subtitles on alot more of their korean videos that would be oh so great!  The only thing with it is I would prefer to turn off english subtitles but at least as far as I can tell at the moment it shows both english and korean subtitles.  You can actually move your mouse over a korean word or sentence and it will try and tell you what it means.  I guess this means you have to watch the video on a computer to do that but really haven’t gotten into doing that at the moment.

Today someone on reddit’s korean forum was complaining about and their korean content.  Yes I got my money back from fluentu and a couple of emails but I told them they should have a free preview without charging your credit card right away.  Also their korean section is basically worthless at the moment.  Great idea and I would love a well stocked web site like that but their implementation so far at least for korean content it’s not even worth considering till they build it up alot more.


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