Getting caught on 종이

Last class my one korean teacher started off asking if I had paper and a pencil (in korean) and that threw me.  The lesson had started briefly and my attention was going to be in one area and she threw that phrase at me.  She never asked at least in korean before if I had paper and a pencil but it was the type of lesson where she seemed to throw phrases and topics I had not been through before with her and it was a braining draining hour.  Yes I got thrown off totally with the korean word for paper which I rarely have used before and heard less.  I need to let go of hanging on to trying to figure out one word that begins a sentence (if you can’t recall immediately ) and then of course when your working with only 640k of memory you basically don’t catch the rest of the sentence after that.  It was also a case that I searched my entire database of korean knowledge trying to determine what the word was based off the context of how she started the lesson and I was putting together wrong assumptions about what the sentence meant since I figured the word was related to the topic of the lesson and instead she was just asking if I had some paper and a pencil to write down some things she was going to say.  But she asked in korean and I barely have hit my terrible two’s as a my korean self.  I am a korean baby that is not even old enough to go to school yet. Letting your grown up english self at least sit in another room is a challange while learning because I’m good at figuring things out…in english that is.  I feel I spent way to much of my english self and my english speaking brain to figure out what my teacher was saying when I didn’t understand the korean and it worked sometimes but other times I just had to say I didn’t understand.

I mentioned at the end of class on her thoughts on when you seem to get stuck whether on a word or sentence because I feel my brain’s attention span is really that 640K old computers used to have where I cannot keep a whole sentence in my random access memory before it gets wiped out and then at the same time trying to process words that I vaguely remember and it takes milliseconds to determine if I can pull it up or just live with the fact I may have heard it before but it’s not solid yet in my memory.

I can tell by now after having 6 months or so of lessons that listening is a challange for me and my brain has the natural tendency to want to group areas of listening together and anytime a word or topic that is ‘unexpected’ is thrown at me it causes all kinds of disruptions in your train of thought.

It was a great night as usual as I continue on my journey as this accountability is something I was so lacking in my previous self study and with a real life person on the other end of your skype lesson looking at you and talking in korean alot…phew it’s a experience to say the least.  Love it!


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