iTalki Lessons – #100

Wow it’s been awhile now and I show as having 100 italki lessons completed.  Can’t believe I’m this far in with italki but number 100 you are now one for the record books. Some of the lessons have been trial sessions with teachers and I’ve settled in with two teachers but 100 lessons completed that’s alot.

It’s for sure a expense you have to justify but this is the most studying korean I’ve done in my years of on and off again korean language learning.  So I feel it’s been worth it and it also shows me how much more I need to go.  Skype video lessons have their up’s and down’s with technical issues sometimes but overall it’s pretty darn good.

My lesson scheduled for tonight needed to be canceled due to some pc issues the teacher was having and couldn’t resolve.  It’s the first time she needed to cancel a class and I only had one instance so far where I had to cancel a class a couple of hours before it started. So I sit here on a monday evening having withdrawl symptons because I had homework and now we can’t go over it tonight.  I start off the week with a class and end the work with a class too.

Guess it’s time to check out what’s on to watch tonight.



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