Topik – 2019

Oh how I keep thinking how time flies and I still have never taken the Topik again since my last attempt a few years ago.  You only seem to get one chance a year at least here in the chicago area if I’m reading things right.

I’ve been talking with my Korean Language teacher that I want to take again and she seemed to think it was a good idea.

Working adult and preparing for the Topik.  This should be an interesting ride!


Bad Guys


Don’t have much to say except for searching for a new korean drama to watch.  Started watching this one and I think I may end up watching most of it.  It’s about a cop whose daughter appears to be killed and is brought in to stop other serial killers SO he has criminals released from jail to help him find these killers.

So far it might be believable enough to enjoy watching this series.  It’s hard enough learning a new language when the media you watch is boring.  I seem to be in a dry spell of finding new drama’s that are good enough to get interested in.

김상중 has been in some of my favorite korean drama’s since I started learning korean so we’ll see how this drama turns out.

Topik Thoughts

I still think about taking the topik again after my last attempt which now goes on over 4 years ago.  Time flies.  We only get one shot a year in the midwest here and I’ve of course think about it but it’s already past a week or so ago so should I put it on my calendar to try for next spring’s slot?

I need to learn how to plan things out better for the year instead of waiting for the thought to pop in my head and then look up and find everything is already past up.

I want to pass those 2 levels of topik (1 & 2).  This has gone on way to long and I should be able to at least past that.


Korean Typing

I was trying to type some koreanized words for some websites on my keyboard and had the hardest time.  The h sounding syllable in korean is the g key which is right next to the h key on the american english keyboard.  I was trying to type ‘hanguk’ and kept messing up.

I remember in high school where I actually had a class to teach you how to type.  I don’t know if they still have those type of classes but I remember mine.  The teacher said on day one not to look at the keyboard ever while learning to type.  Well maybe to find the key once but basically don’t look at the keyboard!  The teacher gave her reasons and it sounded logical and I followed it.  I learned home row and during any typing practice I never looked at the keyboard.  You kind of just always once you get your hands in the right position know subconsciously where the character is you are going to type.  Beautiful if you listened from day one.  Don’t look at the keyboard!

Now not everyone in my typing class followed those instructions.  There were times the teacher tried to put a sheet of paper over a student typing to force them not to look at the individual keys.  I see some of those same students today in the workplace who have learned to type rather quickly using a few fingers while still to this day glancing at the keyboard.

I learned korean typing the same way with a great program on junior naver website that is no longer there.  It was a computer game that taught you the korean letters and you learned where they were while playing the game.  But don’t look at the keyboard which I consider myself a rather fast typist in korean or at least very proficient.  The keyboards are seperate in my head.  I would actually have to stop and think about which character is where on the keyboard whether it’s english or korean characters.  You just know where it is once your fluent on the keyboard in either language.

But in trying to type english characters for korean words (which I never liked especially since learning korean alphabet is so easy) it’s a beast to combine those two.  ‘Han’ to start typing but thinking my head the korean sound I kept typing ‘한’ characters instead but then what comes out is ‘gks’.  It’s not a good practice to study korean using english representations for words and sentences in my opinion and then it doesn’t make much sense to try typing korean using english characters.  The two at least for me are two different keyboards : )

30+ days into the new year

So started off good this year.  I started before the new year to attack and memrise again.  It’s wierd going back to square 1 again but at the same time how many things I have either missed studying or forgot or never looked at.  I think in the past I tried to use this site more on different lessons and both anki when I created my own decks and then memrise where I would pick and choose which lessons I would cover.  What a mess.

The guy that did the talktomeinkorean deck in memrise deserves a big Thanks!  What a lot of work he put into it.  A deck like would be great if the team at talktomeinkorean would help out to fix some of the mistakes and add voice to alot of parts of it that don’t have audio.  But in either case I find it extremely helpful.  I always like the concept of SRS and would do decks myself.  The one thing I noticed after a time of doing it myself is I would spend more time on creating the deck than actually using it.

Bad huh?  But the reality.  So there’s an entire deck for the talktomeinkorean series and I’m going to take full advantage of it.

I have I think settled on 2 new teachers in italki.  It takes some time for them to get used to a person like me that is not a beginner and where I stand in terms of korean but they are very nice and hopefully I make using italki much more useful than 2017.  It also adds up to alot of money paying for weekly lessons so have to better results than my 1st full year of using italki in 2017.

Dramafever has a new serious ‘I am not a Robot’.  It’s turning out to be the 1st drama of


2018 that I’ll end up watching all the way through.  The male star was from ‘God of Study’ which was a great comedy drama that I loved watching.

Olympics in Korea starting soon.  I’ll have to see how and where they broadcast it here in the states.  The wife and I talked about whether we would go over a year ago but as usual money came into play and we decided not to plan a trip to go plus changing jobs at the end of 2017 made planning to go to korea pushed to the end of line for now.  But now we have to relook at possible time to visit korea.  We’ll see later what we decide.

Site Change for 2018

So thought need to go through the different themes available and pick a new one for 2018.  Must have went through 10 or 15 of them and picked this one.  Just new I guess.  It would probably help to spend a day on a weekend customizing it and finding some new pictures to put on this site.

But this theme is a start to the new year.  I’ll have to look for new korean pictures from my archives to put on this theme in a few weeks.

2018 – Starts

So we start off the year in what I think is good form.  Have switched to a couple of new teachers on italki.  I started memrise again.  Watching a new korean drama “I’m not a Robot”.  Going back and forth with podcasts and what I would use to play them with.  My  old itouch and itunes is what I ended up choosing.

Then it was looking at what podcasts I should put on there.  Still searching but think I may have a couple that are worthwhile.  One thing that I have been doing almost every morning before I go to work is to do my repetitions on memrise.  I get to work very early and to do memrise at 5:30 am in the morning is a experience when I never really considered myself a morning person.  But seeing how 2017 went I know I didn’t make anywhere close to the progress I wanted so for 2018 we seem to be off to a good start.  Here’s to another year of learning korean.