2018 – Plans

So 2018 is soon approaching and I have started to look back for this year.  I feel I have some things good and of course some things not so good.  It was almost a solid year of lessons on italki but the last quarter everything has been in a midst of change.

Due to various reasons I lost both my teachers that I was with all year.  One teacher was possibly classified as the formal korean type of teacher and the other did her classes in 100% korean.  I also made a major change in jobs in August and am still adjusting to this multi-billion dollar company I now work for but I feel it’s been a change well worth going through this.

I have been ‘testing’ out some new italki teachers and possibly have 2 ‘replacements’.  One italki teacher is from Seoul area and has been teaching for a long time on italki.  The other is a younger teacher of Korean who started early last year on italki and I am trying out a couple of more lessons with her to make sure we can make it all the way through 2018 together but have a feeling she is good.

During trial lessons I again went through finding some teachers who start at the very top of the ‘formal’ level of korean which I find quickly turns my brain to mush and had some teachers not show up for scheduled class.  I want to make 2018 better than 2017 and finding teachers who are both serious and effective no matter what medium of teaching you are talking about… hard.

I have noticed that one bench mark I have been using as I try out these teachers is always in the back of my mind while class is going on and that is my experience with talktomeinkorean.com.  I find that this fantastic website is where I have learned so much and is such a standard when I compare other material against it.

I wish to make 2018 progress much more than I was able to in 2017.  Here’s to a new year of korean language learning!




Green Screens

It’s been what I’m probably calling a year of italki lessons.  It’s been good to keep me going through tough times.  I’ve switched jobs such a couple of month’s ago and I’m still ‘transitioning’ to the new stuff.

New insurance, new paperwork, new websites, etc…etc… But for the most part I’ve kept up the schedule of italki lessons.  I’m trying out some new italki teachers and reaching out to some that have fallen off with the schedule they provide(basically very little open slots from them) and planning for the next year of lessons.

One teacher I have tried with a few lessons and has exploded onto italki .  He started back in March of this year and is just a few lessons short of teaching already 1000 lessons.  Wow!  I finally had to try him out.  I’ve only had 3 lessons with him and should give him at least 10 lessons before saying anything but I needed to write something this month on my blog.  He uses a green screen and various pictures and videos to teach Korean.  Not earth shaking stuff but at the same time it’s something that really brighten’s up the lessons.  Using that type of green screen that is used in video production he’s trying to introduce that as a instruction tool while teaching korean.

In teaching a second language I think it helps activating the visual cortex inside your brain and trying to use a green screen and various pictures and videos while teaching helps out a lot.

He has built up a huge number of lessons taught and at this rate could surpass all the other teachers lessons in another years time.  I’ll personally see after another 10 lessons or so how it personally works for me but trying some new teacher’s is helping me get excited about another year of korean language lessons on italki.

Ajatt – Back?

Some sites I follow or visit occasionally like https://forum.koohii.com/ had a thread that ajatt.com is back but thread was ended as the admin’s didn’t want the drama of that crowd I guess.  Wierd looking at ajatt’s site again and seeing new posts but to have each one say they are password protected.

Ajatt meant alot to me way back for motivation to get things into gear but not sure if I would be interested in reading new ones.  Not even sure if that’s the original khatzumoto of the site or someone else.

I will probably peek back a few times here and there to see if he open’s up some new posts to read without whatever sponsership he or they are trying to get there to read new posts.

We’ll see.

September – New italki teachers?

So today starts one month after starting a new job.  Even though transitioning meant alot of daily changes and challanges I did not miss any italki lessons.  I look back at starting with italki in the fall of last year and think I might have to make some changes.  I settled in on 2 teachers and lately one of the teachers has moved, taken vacation, schedule problems and I need to make a determination if a change is needed.  Honestly I’m not sure if the method she has been using is effective at least for me at this stage.  I’m sitting here this evening as I purchase more italki credits and think I need to change things up a bit.

I’m going to try out some other teachers and see if I can find a possible replacement. Very lovely lady but now after a year of lessons I need to evaluate the results and think about another year.

It’s been great having online lessons with italki hands down.  No schedule issues, no traveling to a remote community college far away from me that might offer korean once a year on a tuesday night and offers no follow up classes after the introduction class, and skype quality most of the time is just fine…it’s been great!  Of course one of the key is finding a teacher that you click with and is good but there is enough of them to try out there.  But when your studying korean and can’t find alot of other ways to find classes italki rocks!

This sunday I have setup a lesson request with a new teacher to try things out.  I think I’m going to spend september trying a few different teachers and maybe make a change to the lineup.  I wish I had tried italki when they first started up as my other teacher who has been my main teacher has been with them for over 6 years.

Let’s see how the search goes this month.

New Position

So it’s a busy month as I interviewed, waited, got an offer for a new position and then begin the transition process.  Crazy last few weeks and I start my second week at the new company tomorrow.

Studying korean has lessoned on my own time during this but have continued onwards with my korean lessons on italki and studying when I can though.  I see some new dramas on dramafever.com that I need to line up some weekend time to watch.

It’s August and even with all the new stuff going on with a job transition I cannot forget the korean language learning path as I make it into the fall of 2017.  Italki and accountability has helped alot with this as this would have been in the past a moment where korean language learning would take a back seat or stop for awhile I press onwards.

iTalki Lessons – #100

Wow it’s been awhile now and I show as having 100 italki lessons completed.  Can’t believe I’m this far in with italki but number 100 you are now one for the record books. Some of the lessons have been trial sessions with teachers and I’ve settled in with two teachers but 100 lessons completed that’s alot.

It’s for sure a expense you have to justify but this is the most studying korean I’ve done in my years of on and off again korean language learning.  So I feel it’s been worth it and it also shows me how much more I need to go.  Skype video lessons have their up’s and down’s with technical issues sometimes but overall it’s pretty darn good.

My lesson scheduled for tonight needed to be canceled due to some pc issues the teacher was having and couldn’t resolve.  It’s the first time she needed to cancel a class and I only had one instance so far where I had to cancel a class a couple of hours before it started. So I sit here on a monday evening having withdrawl symptons because I had homework and now we can’t go over it tonight.  I start off the week with a class and end the work with a class too.

Guess it’s time to check out what’s on dramafever.com to watch tonight.


Getting caught on 종이

Last class my one korean teacher started off asking if I had paper and a pencil (in korean) and that threw me.  The lesson had started briefly and my attention was going to be in one area and she threw that phrase at me.  She never asked at least in korean before if I had paper and a pencil but it was the type of lesson where she seemed to throw phrases and topics I had not been through before with her and it was a braining draining hour.  Yes I got thrown off totally with the korean word for paper which I rarely have used before and heard less.  I need to let go of hanging on to trying to figure out one word that begins a sentence (if you can’t recall immediately ) and then of course when your working with only 640k of memory you basically don’t catch the rest of the sentence after that.  It was also a case that I searched my entire database of korean knowledge trying to determine what the word was based off the context of how she started the lesson and I was putting together wrong assumptions about what the sentence meant since I figured the word was related to the topic of the lesson and instead she was just asking if I had some paper and a pencil to write down some things she was going to say.  But she asked in korean and I barely have hit my terrible two’s as a my korean self.  I am a korean baby that is not even old enough to go to school yet. Letting your grown up english self at least sit in another room is a challange while learning because I’m good at figuring things out…in english that is.  I feel I spent way to much of my english self and my english speaking brain to figure out what my teacher was saying when I didn’t understand the korean and it worked sometimes but other times I just had to say I didn’t understand.

I mentioned at the end of class on her thoughts on when you seem to get stuck whether on a word or sentence because I feel my brain’s attention span is really that 640K old computers used to have where I cannot keep a whole sentence in my random access memory before it gets wiped out and then at the same time trying to process words that I vaguely remember and it takes milliseconds to determine if I can pull it up or just live with the fact I may have heard it before but it’s not solid yet in my memory.

I can tell by now after having 6 months or so of lessons that listening is a challange for me and my brain has the natural tendency to want to group areas of listening together and anytime a word or topic that is ‘unexpected’ is thrown at me it causes all kinds of disruptions in your train of thought.

It was a great night as usual as I continue on my journey as this accountability is something I was so lacking in my previous self study and with a real life person on the other end of your skype lesson looking at you and talking in korean alot…phew it’s a experience to say the least.  Love it!